What are the Top Anti-Aging Concerns for Every Ethnicity?

We all have our concerns when it comes to skincare and anti-aging, but do you know the top anti-aging concerns for every ethnicity? In this article by Lindsay Cohn for Reader’s Digest, Dr. Jegasothy, who has treated ethnically diverse patients for the past 20 years in Miami, explains that when it comes to cosmetic dermatology … Continue reading What are the Top Anti-Aging Concerns for Every Ethnicity?

Frustrated With Your Crow’s Feet?

When patients have prominent eye area wrinkles as early as their 20's, we first recommend for them a clinically-proven, pharmaceutical-grade eye cream to use daily as a baseline to prevent worsening of their wrinkles. After that, Botox Cosmetic® or Xeomin® injections are very effective in effacing wrinkles in this area. Also Fraxel® laser can tighten … Continue reading Frustrated With Your Crow’s Feet?

Injecting is Both an Art and a Craft

Just as is the production of this Tiffany® lamp, expert Botox® and dermal filler injecting is both an ART and a CRAFT. Injecting is an ART because every face is different and an artistic eye is required to determine what makes it the most "beautiful". Injecting is a CRAFT, because repetition and constant practice of … Continue reading Injecting is Both an Art and a Craft

Prevent a Surgical Neck Lift!

Dysport® can improve many of the facets of neck aging. I inject it into the actual platysmal muscle bands to soften/relax their thickened/contracted appearance. This can reduce or eliminate the "double chin" or "turkey waddle" from a front portrait view... I also inject the product more superficially, into the mid and lower “loose” skin of the … Continue reading Prevent a Surgical Neck Lift!

Xeomin VS. Botox

Xeomin works just as well as Botox Cosmetic. In some cases Xeomin has been known to last longer. Here are some of the most typical results. The above does not constitute medical advice. Please see your local physician if you are having any sort of medical problem. Contact us on Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google+ Click … Continue reading Xeomin VS. Botox

Non-Surgical Eye Rejuvenation

 Early Nonsurgical Eye Rejuvenation = Xeomin + low dose Fraxel Laser. Quick, painless and with only 1 day of recovery, call Miami Skin Institute at 305-569-0067 & see how Dr. Jegasothy is among the first to perform this procedure combination. Great for lines, dark circles, and sagging eyelids!💥   Yelp.com  Google.com Googleplus.com  Angieslist.com  Vitals.com  Citysearch.com  Healthgrades.com     Miami … Continue reading Non-Surgical Eye Rejuvenation

Correct that tired/haggard look with Radiesse®!

Men of a certain age can look facially "tired" or "haggard" even though they are thin & athletic. See how Radiesse filler can cause a subtle improvement, a mild natural facelift when done by an expert injector such as Dr. Jegasothy. No one will even know a procedure was done-just that you look rested...   Yelp.com  Google.com Googleplus.com … Continue reading Correct that tired/haggard look with Radiesse®!