Stretch Marks: To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo?

Stretch marks show no mercy. They are highly common and do not discriminate. Some may be proud and call them their tiger stripes, while others want to hide them away. This skin issue is notoriously difficult to treat. Refinery29's Erika Stalder introduces Brazilian tattoo artist, Rudolph Torres. He fills your stretch marks with ink to … Continue reading Stretch Marks: To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo?


Making Your Best #SkinGoals for 2017

  While you welcome 2017, check out Dr. Jegasothy's latest podcast interview to help you make and keep to your skin care resolutions! Watch the video below to tune into this latest episode and learn about: 1. The best lasers for EVERY skin problem 2. Why you should remove your makeup before bed and what … Continue reading Making Your Best #SkinGoals for 2017