What are Dr. Jegasothy’s Latest Innovations in Melasma, Acne Scars, and Body Contouring?

Check out Dr. Jegasothy’s latest radio interview to learn more about the most cutting-edge aesthetic dermatology treatments available. In this interview, Dr. Jegasothy shares with us the best ways to manage Melasma with chemical peels, Lytera 2.0, and Fraxel® laser. Dr. Jegasothy also reveals how to erase acne scars with Fraxel® and Viora® lasers and … Continue reading What are Dr. Jegasothy’s Latest Innovations in Melasma, Acne Scars, and Body Contouring?


Do You Know the Best Treatment for Your Brown Spots?

Remember when bleaching creams with Hydroquinone were all you could use to lighten brown spots? Now, so many more effective treatments are available that provide more targeted brightening, without changing your overall skin tone. Your brown spots have many different causes that can actually respond to different treatments. Check out the article below as Dr. … Continue reading Do You Know the Best Treatment for Your Brown Spots?

What Is Melasma and How Do You Treat It?

Many of us have heard of Melasma before, but we might not know exactly what it is. Melasma is considered to be a hypersensitivity to circulating estrogen in your skin, causing your pigment-producing cells (melanocytes) to overproduce melanin, resulting in brown staining. Now that you know what Melasma is, you might be wondering how exactly … Continue reading What Is Melasma and How Do You Treat It?

Treat your Melasma with Nd:Yag!

Ask us about new low dose Nd:Yag laser twice yearly for Melasma May be the better option for you than chemical peels or triluma The above does not constitute medical advice. Please see your local physician if you are having any sort of medical problem. Comment below, call us for a consultation 305-569-0067, or for more information … Continue reading Treat your Melasma with Nd:Yag!

Dr. Jegasothy’s- What’s in Store Fall 2013!

As many of you know, I am constantly reviewing the medical literature and International/American Cosmetic Dermatology conferences to bring you the most modern skin care products with clinically-proven efficacy and skin penetration studies. These products must pass rigorous testing, both for their ingredients and their formulation. For many months we could not find new products to enhance … Continue reading Dr. Jegasothy’s- What’s in Store Fall 2013!

Dr. Jegasothy’ s New Office

We have moved ☺. I started seeing patients in our brand-new office last Friday, 10/12/12. We are so happy here, and can't wait for you to visit us and see it for yourself!    Waiting Area Exam Room Reception Area We are also pleased to introduce a new chemical peel treatment, NeoPeel® formulated by the manufacturers of … Continue reading Dr. Jegasothy’ s New Office

NEW: Pregnancy-Safe Products/Peels for Melasma

We are pleased to introduce our new treatment system for melasma, Dermaceutic® in-office peel and at-home skin care products, made by PrecisionMD® (www.precisionmdskin.com). Melasma is a condition characterized by brown patches of varying intensity covering variable percentages of the face. It is generally thought that these brown patches, which can be unsightly but harmless, are … Continue reading NEW: Pregnancy-Safe Products/Peels for Melasma