Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Facial Serums

It seems like facial serums are becoming more popular than ever, but what do they actually do for your skin? In this article for InStyle by Erin Lukas, Dr. Jegasothy breaks down everything you need to know about facial serums: what they are, how they should be used, and which formulas are the best for … Continue reading Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Facial Serums

Keep You Feet In Shape!

While pondering your New Years Eve Pedicure, think about keeping your feet in shape all year long, as we do in Miami! Biopelle Heel Cream + salicylic acid foot peels at our office = Miami Feet from Dr. Jegasothy The above does not constitute medical advice. Please see your local physician if you are having any sort … Continue reading Keep You Feet In Shape!

Fall 2013!

As many of you know, I am constantly reviewing the medical literature and International/American Cosmetic Dermatology conferences to bring you the most modern skin care products with clinically-proven efficacy and skin penetration studies. These products must pass rigorous testing, both for their ingredients and their formulation. For many months we could not find new products to enhance … Continue reading Fall 2013!