How to Get Thicker Brows with Latisse

It’s no secret that Latisse can be used to grow long, beautiful eyelashes, but what about eyebrows? In this article, Dr. Jegasothy explains to Liz Ritter at New Beauty that Latisse is now being used as an off-label eyebrow growth factor! To find out exactly how Latisse can get you thicker, bolder brows after years of … Continue reading How to Get Thicker Brows with Latisse

Everything You Need to Know About LATISSE®

We all love to have long, thick lashes, but many of us don't like the hassle of having to use mascara every day. In your quest for natural longer lashes, you may have heard about LATISSE®, a prescription that is proven to grow out your eyelashes. In the following blog post, Dr. Joel Schlessinger, a fellow board … Continue reading Everything You Need to Know About LATISSE®

Thinning Eyebrows?

Latisse grows both eyelashes and EYEBROWS! Ask us for the best application technique at the Miami Skin Institute The above does not constitute medical advice. Please see your local physician if you are having any sort of medical problem. Comment below, call us for a consultation 305-569-0067, or for more information on these procedures contact … Continue reading Thinning Eyebrows?