Making Your Best #SkinGoals for 2017

  While you welcome 2017, check out Dr. Jegasothy's latest podcast interview to help you make and keep to your skin care resolutions! Watch the video below to tune into this latest episode and learn about: 1. The best lasers for EVERY skin problem 2. Why you should remove your makeup before bed and what … Continue reading Making Your Best #SkinGoals for 2017

Real Housewives Star Reveals Her Latest Beauty Secret

In this Bravo exclusive, Kim Zolciak reveals her favorite jawline-defining treatment: Ulthera! Read the article below to see Dr. Jegasothy explain to Bryce Gruber exactly how Ulthera works and what it can do for you.   Do you know if you need an eye cream or an eye gel? Dr. Jegasothy tells Erin Lukas … Continue reading Real Housewives Star Reveals Her Latest Beauty Secret

Frustrated With Your Crow’s Feet?

When patients have prominent eye area wrinkles as early as their 20's, we first recommend for them a clinically-proven, pharmaceutical-grade eye cream to use daily as a baseline to prevent worsening of their wrinkles. After that, Botox Cosmetic® or Xeomin® injections are very effective in effacing wrinkles in this area. Also Fraxel® laser can tighten … Continue reading Frustrated With Your Crow’s Feet?

The One Make Up Tip You Haven’t Tried Yet!

We're all used to using makeup wipes to remove our makeup after a long day. But, it turns out that makeup wipes are actually too harsh for the delicate skin around your eyes! Instead of using wipes, try using your eye cream to double as an eye makeup remover. You can read more about this … Continue reading The One Make Up Tip You Haven’t Tried Yet!

Dr. Jegasothy’s- Get a Mini Eye Lift!

We have 2 great eye creams that use a Snail Extract to refine lines & even cause a temporary Mini Eye Lift! The above does not constitute medical advice. Please see your local physician if you are having any sort of medical problem. Comment below, call us for a consultation 305-569-0067, or for more … Continue reading Dr. Jegasothy’s- Get a Mini Eye Lift!