#DrJegasothy Partners with #MiamiMD Skincare 🥇🏆👸🏽💦

Here’s a snippet 🎥 of Dr. Jegasothy’s partnership 🤝 with #MiamiMD to bring you their #AgeDefying 🕰 Lift and Firm Cream! Helping you love your skin again ❤️ by restoring your skin’s #Firmness, #Volume and #Elasticity.  Women all over the country are loving 🥰 this #luxurious, #moisturizing💦  and scent free cream 👏🏽 * To get more information 📝 and get your hands 🤗 on this product sold … Continue reading #DrJegasothy Partners with #MiamiMD Skincare 🥇🏆👸🏽💦

Erase Those Razor Bumps!

We all know that shaving is a drag, but for most of us, it is still the fastest and most convenient method of hair removal. That is, until the razor bumps start popping up. “Ingrown hairs AKA razor bumps are created when a hair that is shaved just below the skin surface starts to regrow … Continue reading Erase Those Razor Bumps!