Foundation Faves for Oily Skin!

Struggling with finding a foundation that works on your oily skin? Then it's (not) your time to shine! reached out to Dr. Jegasothy to get her foundation faves for those with an oily skin type. We know how tricky it can be to find a foundation that works on oily skin, especially one that's … Continue reading Foundation Faves for Oily Skin!


Double chin? Say no more, Kybella® is here to help!

Dr. Jegasothy and Heidi Godman bring you all the latest information about Kybella®. Especially, how Kybella® can treat that pesky double chin that seems to never go away. Facetime, all the time! A big thank you to Heidi Godman for featuring Dr. Jegasothy! To listen to the full podcast click on the link below:     … Continue reading Double chin? Say no more, Kybella® is here to help!

Always clueless at Sephora? We have the products for you!

Every woman knows the struggle of finding quality products in beauty stores like Sephora. With many options and prices for the same skin care staples, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and confused. So, why not take a dermatologist's advice? Total Beauty gave Dr. Jegasothy $100 to spend at Sephora. Here's how she spent it: 1. … Continue reading Always clueless at Sephora? We have the products for you!

Hormonal Acne: Your Monthly Buzzkill

Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States. For many women, pimples continue to sprout  way past puberty, thanks to fluctuating hormones. Yet these hormonal breakouts, are not like your regular breakouts, are they? Monthly flare ups around your lower face with deep painful pimples is the telltale sign of hormonal acne. … Continue reading Hormonal Acne: Your Monthly Buzzkill

Is Coffee bad for your skin?

For most people, coffee is the first choice they make when they start their day. Not only is a  morning cup necessary but a mid-day coffee run is a must too. But is your love for coffee hurting your skin? Well, Dr Jegasothy notes that one to two cups a day is fine, but anything over that … Continue reading Is Coffee bad for your skin?

Acne Scarring 101!

Acne is a word that for many brings back nightmares of massive breakouts before important events, but thankfully this mostly affects us in our teens. For some, however, acne didn't just stop teenage break outs; it left behind long lasting scarring and hyper pigmentation that persisted into adulthood. Often, acne can leave residual inflammation that … Continue reading Acne Scarring 101!

Stretch Marks? Don’t let them mark your skin!

Stretch Marks, we all hate them and at the same time most of us have stretch marks we wish we could get rid of.  While there might not be a magical solution for stretch marks there are options to reduce their appearance. For many of us stretch marks can be a source of insecurities and … Continue reading Stretch Marks? Don’t let them mark your skin!