Hormonal Acne: Your Monthly Buzzkill

Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States. For many women, pimples continue to sprout  way past puberty, thanks to fluctuating hormones. Yet these hormonal breakouts, are not like your regular breakouts, are they? Monthly flare ups around your lower face with deep painful pimples is the telltale sign of hormonal acne. … Continue reading Hormonal Acne: Your Monthly Buzzkill


Dr. Jegasothy’s Cosmetic Surgery Forum Takeaway

Watch why #CosmeticSurgeryForum is Dr. J’s favorite aesthetic conference.  She has attended/presented here ever since its inception! Thank you Cosmetic Surgery Forum for featuring Dr. Jegasothy. To learn more about the Cosmetic Surgery Forum follow the link below: https://www.cosmeticsurgeryforum.com/my-csf-takeaways-hear-from-2017-participants/ This blog post does not constitute medical advice. For more information on products we offer, follow … Continue reading Dr. Jegasothy’s Cosmetic Surgery Forum Takeaway

Workout Clothes + Sweat = Possible Breakouts.

Exercise is great for your well-being and your skin but many people complain of suffering breakouts after working out. The mix of sweat and tight workout clothes can harbor more yeast and bacteria on your skin. Dr. Jegasothy explains that breakouts or irritation can occur in any hair-bearing area that sweats, including your thighs, face, back … Continue reading Workout Clothes + Sweat = Possible Breakouts.

Is Coffee bad for your skin?

For most people, coffee is the first choice they make when they start their day. Not only is a  morning cup necessary but a mid-day coffee run is a must too. But is your love for coffee hurting your skin? Well, Dr Jegasothy notes that one to two cups a day is fine, but anything over that … Continue reading Is Coffee bad for your skin?

Acne Scarring 101!

Acne is a word that for many brings back nightmares of massive breakouts before important events, but thankfully this mostly affects us in our teens. For some, however, acne didn't just stop teenage break outs; it left behind long lasting scarring and hyper pigmentation that persisted into adulthood. Often, acne can leave residual inflammation that … Continue reading Acne Scarring 101!

Welcome to Kybella, your new summer body best friend!

In a few months many of us will be enjoying the summer months, and that means getting our bodies ready to wear less clothes and more swimwear. The real question is though, are you happy with your summer body? For those of you who answered no we have the solution for you! Kybella is an … Continue reading Welcome to Kybella, your new summer body best friend!

Have a spa day at home with the use of sheet masks!

After a long day at work, you're probably in need of a relaxing spa day, but like most of us, you don't have much time for yourself. When this happens, why not try a sheet mask?! Sheet Masks have become a staple in the "quick and easy skin care" world and it can transform a … Continue reading Have a spa day at home with the use of sheet masks!