Dr. Jegasothy Cautions the Use of Technology on Skin Care

stock photo of laptop, phone, earbuds and a cup of coffee
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Technology has grown exponentially over the past decades; so much so that we carry handheld devices, like our iPhones, with us all the time.  There are even now wearable devices, like Apple Watches or Fitbit Activity Tracker, that stay on our wrists for the majority of the day.  While time and research have shown us that there are increasing concerns, like our eyesight and our mental wellbeing, it’s also being shown that that they also affect our skin!

In the StyleCaster article “5 Ways Technology is Secretly Harming Your Skin”, by Caitlin S. Miller, our very own S. Manjula Jegasothy MD (Miami Cosmetic Dermatologist & Founder and CEO of Miami Skin Institute) explains the harmful ways that our everyday tech can be working against our skincare routines.  It doesn’t just stop at your usual devices like phones and computers; during this pandemic, we have found ourselves staring at tv screens more than ever watching movies and shows on platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max, to name a few.  This increased activity also causes its own host of problems on our skin, not only on our eyes but on our backs as well, which Dr. Jegasothy describes below.

On Computer Screen Use:

“Many patients come to me saying that they are constantly squinting or frowning in an effort to concentrate while reading their paper or computer work. This muscle movement can indeed cause wrinkling, which then requires Botox.”

On Keyboard Use and Cleanliness:

“Our fingertips are covered with oils that we need to protect them from the environment. Whether you are touching your keyboard or anything else dirty—or touching nothing at all—you should never touch your fingers to your face because their inherent oils can cause breakouts.” 

On Headphone Use:

“I believe that applying anything dirty on a chronic basis to the skin can cause overgrowth of bacteria and therefore breakouts.  This can be a phone, pillowcase, blanket, and even boyfriend!” 

On Activity Trackers:

“Wearing a watch, FitBit, or even engagement or wedding rings chronically that are never cleaned can harbor dirt and bacteria—or trap dirt and bacteria on the skin—and cause not only breakouts, but contact and irritant dermatitis.”

On Netflix and Chill:

“Squinting at the TV can cause wrinkles, while sitting without moving for long periods of time can cause back and butt acne. Anything else that keeps you sitting for long periods of time can cause back and butt wrinkles.”  

To lower your chances of experiencing any of this, it’s best to follow the standard advice that has been around for decades (sometimes you can’t mess with a classic!). Try to take an occasional break from whatever technology you’re interacting with, get up and walk around, and avoid touching your face. Additionally, incorporate cleaning/sanitizing your often-used products and devices (especially if they’re touching your face) and you should be able to keep your skin looking fresh, vibrant, and acne free!

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