#Viora® Radio Frequency Laser: Our Unicorn 🦄 for #SkinTightening 😍👏🏽

#SaggingSkin😣 can sometimes leave us feeling less than 💯 👎🏽 This is why our next ➡️ spotlight ⭐️ for the  #MiamiSkinInstitute Procedures series 🎥 is on the unicorn 🦄 of our office, the #Viora® #RadioFrequencyLaser 💥
While we love #DrJ’s #Botox® 💉 and #DermalFillers, we also love to go for a #NaturalLook 🍃 🙆🏽‍♀️ by mixing them in with our lasers to make sure you don’t look “Overdone” 🥴🙅🏽‍♀️
With Dr. J’s expertise 🥇, she can use personalized settings 🎛 with the #Viora laser for #SkinTightening on these areas:
•Eyelids 👁 👁
*Jowls/Lower Face
•Upper arms 💪🏽
•Face 🧏🏽‍♀️
•Buttocks 🍑
•Hands 🤲🏽
•And other areas where #LooseSkin 😩 can be a problem🚫
Call us now 📲 at 305-569-0067 to find out more and schedule your next treatment at the #MiamiSkinInstitute so you can look your best! 👌🏽🤩
You can check out our new procedures series by going to the IGTV 📺 section of our profile and choosing 👉🏽MSI Procedures👈🏽

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