The Reason For Your Irritated Lips

Does the dryness of your lips make daily tasks more difficult than they should be? Are your lips staying chapped for longer than usual? This condition is called angular cheilitis and it’s caused by more than just dehydration and cold weather! In the article Why The Corners Of Your Mouth Crack – & How To Fix It by Erika Stalder Dr. Jegasothy explains why this happens and how to prevent it. Angular cheilitis is caused by different factors that lead to drool build-up in the corners of the mouth. This “drool” causes a “yeast takeover” which ultimately causes the irritation on the lips.

This situation is not helpless, however! The best way to prevent this is by practicing oral-hygiene such as : brushing, flossing, and using antiseptic mouth wash. By doing these simple tasks and understanding what causes this irritation, angular cheilitis can be reduced and prevented.

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