The Future of Lip Fillers

lip filler ig graphic

Luscious full lips have been considered a beautiful facial feature since Nefertiti. However, since safe & effective fillers such as Juvederm®️ became FDA-approved over a decade ago, having a perfect pout became much more accessible for all.  🙂
Enter Kylie Jenner & her amazing facial makeover in 2015.  Now lip enhancement not only became even more mainstream, it became as socially acceptable as hair color or manicures.  Kylie Jenner literally brought lip filler enhancement “out of the closet”.  Yet another way this clan is making their mark on popular culture

Since the inception of fillers, there have been tremendous advancements in their technique and formulas. These advancements are expected to continue, with Dr. Jegasothy telling Allure, “In the distant future, we may be able to inject lip fillers using a high-velocity, very focused stream of water instead of a needle.” Additionally, these types of improvements will, in the future, help make the procedure less painful and will lessen the chances of any side effects occurring, such as bruising or swelling.

Dr. Jegasothy, a well-known Cosmetic Dermatologist, whose practice is based in Miami, Florida, predicts that these improvements may be closer to becoming a reality than we think.

We would like to thank Allure Magazine and Jessica Chia for writing such an informative article!

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