Are Silicone injections resurfacing?

Cosmetic fillers are everywhere in the beauty world. But along with their popularity comes a dangerous side: unapproved procedures. Lat year the FDA issued a warning against silicone injections, this warning comes after a new wave of silicone injection cases have resurfaced.


Silicone is a permanent synthetic substance that is not FDA approved for cosmetic purposes. Many unlicensed practitioners use products that are sold in home improvement stores (!), “because it’s so much cheaper and easier to get than medical-grade silicone”, says Dr Jegasothy. She goes on to explain, to lower their cost even more,  toxic filler-type materials, like cement and motor oil are mixed with the silicone.

Butt Lifts and lip injections are the most common procedure in which illegal silicone is used. Leaving many men and women with #botched looks or in some cases serious medical issues.

This is why it is so important to make sure you’re working with a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon any time you go under the needle or knife and to always discuss the risks before getting any injections.

Thank You  Jolene Edgar for featuring Dr. Jegasothy!

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