Mascara Breakage.jpgTo be honest, mascara is every girls go to makeup when trying the “natural” look. It looks like you are not wearing any makeup but yet, are still glowing. Women walking past you may ask what kind of powder you are wearing not knowing that your lashes are really what is making your beauty stand out.

As amazing and easy mascara is, could it actually be harming you in the long run? Don’t freak out, the title of the article is not as scary as it seems. Also, don’t go looking for answers on websites that could cause you to lose your precious beauty sleep. Thankfully, Dr. Jegasothy debunks a few of the rumors that are out there regarding mascara.

Women have considerable knowledge when it comes to physical health but what about lash health? S. Manjula Jegasothy, M.D., CEO and founder of Miami Skin Institute, explains that putting mascara on and taking it off in a rough manner over a period of time may actually cause lashes to grow thinner or fall out.

Dr. Jegasothy suggested even if you are used to sleeping in with your mascara after a long night of partying, it is better to make the extra effort to wash before bedtime. Sleeping with mascara can cause lashes to stiffen which will ultimately cause them to break very badly.

Ruling out any possible allergic reaction that could cause lash fallout is the first step to take states Dr. Jegasothy. Once you figure out that you do not have any allergies to mascara, the next step is to replace it with a more organic based product. The natural oils give life to your lashes instead of drying them and ultimately causing breakage.

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