Dr. Jegasothy Explains the Do’s and Don’ts of Scrubbing Your Skin


In this Cosmopolitan article Dr. Jegasothy explains to Meirav Devash how scrubbing your skin with a loofah can actually make your skin rough. People often have the understanding that red bumps on the skin can be exfoliated away but as an expert cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Jegasothy says the following:

“I live in South Florida, where we wear sleeveless shirts and tanks year round. My best friend constantly had small, reddish bumps on the back of her arms. That’s usually keratosis pilaris (KP), which is an excess of keratin, the main protein that makes up hair, nails, and the skin’s outer layer. When keratin clogs the hair follicles, you get KP, which people commonly mistake for rough skin that they think they can exfoliate away with a scrub mitt or loofah mitt or loofah. That’s what my friend was doing, but friction was only making it worse. I told her to apply an over-the-counter steroid cream until the redness subsided, followed by a moisturizer that contains glycolic acid, which will dissolve the excess keratin that’s plugging up pores. Scrubbing won’t do anything but irritate your skin!”

If you are experiencing redness on your skin, Dr. Jegasothy recommends a steroid cream that can be found at your local pharmacy/drug store and a glycolic acid moisturizer. Follow this expert skincare tip and say bye-bye to chicken skin. To read the whole article click on the link below!



Instyle- Rosehip.png

Dr. Jegasothy discusses with Erin Lukas from InStyle magazine the benefits and how to use the new anti-aging oil. Rosehip oil is great for all skin types and ages making your skin smoother and refreshed. Dr. Jegasothy says rosehip oil helps decrease skin redness and reduces brown spots due to sun damage. Apply rosehip oil as the last step in your skincare routine at night or as the first step in the morning. Read the complete article on this new anti-aging oil by clicking on the link below!


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