Dr. Jegasothy Injects Kybella® in the Neck Reducing Fat and Shaping the Jawline

MR- B&A KYBELLA NECK (2)- gimp.jpg

Dr. Jegasothy aka queen of Kybella® uses advanced injecting techniques to inject Kybella® in the neck. The above before and after photo shows a significant neck fat reduction and jawline shaping after only 1 Kybella® treatment session. In addition, Dr. Jegasothy is the first physician in the U.S to be FDA approved to inject Kybella® in other body areas such as the bra line. Melting off the fat in the bra line area is perfect for this summer to wear the perfect bikini top without the cover up! Dr. Jegasothy’s work says it all!


Elite Daily.gif

Julia Guerra from Elite Daily quotes Dr. Jegasothy on why it is not good to fall asleep with makeup on. Dr. Jegasothy says a lot of times makeup, especially eye makeup contain formulas that can cause irritation to the skin. Read below Dr. Jegasothy’s recommendations on eye makeup from the article.

“Many eye shadows contain quartz and mica, which are highly irritating to eyelid skin and can concentrate in the fold, releasing dark particles into the eye for days later.

This can cause chronic irritation to the corneal surface, and cause chronic dry eye.

Mascara formula can also crumble and flake into the eye, causing these symptoms as well.”

For more eye makeup and skincare tips from Dr. Jegasothy, click on the link to read the complete article!



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