Do You Regret Your Tattoo? Here’s What You Can Do About It!

Did you know that tattoo removal is more effective and faster than ever before? In her latest feature in the March edition of Practical Dermatology, Dr. Jegasothy shares her expert approach for tattoo removal from an exclusive dermtube Journal Club interview. Here, Dr. Jegasothy discusses her innovative technique for getting rid of tattoos more quickly that can decrease the number of treatments needed by up to 50 percent! Check out her mention in Practical Dermatology below to learn more about Dr. Jegasothy’s latest innovations to help you with your tattoo regret!

Practical Dermatology

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Vantity Fair Red CarpetDo you wonder what celebrities do to get red carpet-ready only days before their big events? In this article, Vanity Fair beauty director SunHee Grinnell asks New York cosmetic dermatology gurus what they recommend for quick fixes to get red carpet-ready for any of your upcoming events! To see how some of Dr. Jegasothy’s favorite procedures, like Restylane and the Ulthera® laser, can help make you the star of any event, check out the article below!

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