Do You Know How To Reach Your #SkinGoals?

Which laser is best for YOUR skin? Dr. Jegasothy has the answers and shares them with Health Magazine for their December issue! Acne scars? Brown spots? Whatever your #skingoals are, there’s a laser that’s right for you! See the article below and in newsstands to see for yourself!


(click on image to view the article full size)


In this informative profile for Miami Living Magazine’s winter edition, Dr. Jegasothy answers your top questions about cosmetic procedures and skincare treatments. Thanks to Vanessa Pascale for asking the Queen of Kybella to weigh-in on the latest cosmetic trends. Be sure to check out the article below!


(click on image to view the article full size)



Are you dealing with eczema? Dr. Jegasothy explains to Erin Lukas of InStyle the causes of eczema AND what you can do to prevent it. Check out Dr. Jegasothy’s expert skin care tips at the link below!


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