Is There A New Filler Coming in 2017?


Check out all of Dr. Jegasothy’s latest skin care recommendations below!

A filler even better than Sculptra ?? In this article, Dr. Jegasothy gives the latest scoop on a new filler coming in 2017 to Liz Ritter of New Beauty. Check out the link below to read more about this new poly-lactic acid filler from DermAvance and what it means for you!

Your new fitness goals? Doing these 5 things ASAP after a workout, according to Dr. Jegasothy. To better your skin fitness, read the article by Crystal Fenton of Fitness Goals to see what 5 things you should be doing after a workout.

In this article for Influenster, Caitlin Miller explains EXACTLY why Dr. Jegasothy recommends facial serums for her patients. See for yourself what facial serums are and which ones you should use by clicking the link below.


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