Dr. Jegasothy’s Skin Care Secrets: Technology, Dermarollers, and More!

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Catch up on more of Dr. Jegasothy’s great skin care advice at the links below!


Ever wondered what beauty secrets Dermatologists swear by? Check out this article by Aviva Patz for Prevention and see what Dr. Jegasothy and other Dermatologists have to say.



This article for the Daily Makeover reveals 5 different ways technology could be secretly harming your skin. Read the article to find out what Dr. Jegasothy shared with author Caitlin Miller. http://dailymakeover.com/technology-harming-skin/


Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the men! This article by Jason Epstein for Ask Men reveals the future of skin care for men. Read on to see what Dr. Jegasothy recommends to help guys keep their skin fresh and youthful.



Have you heard of Dermarollers but are not sure exactly what they do or if they are right for you? In this article, Dr. Jegasothy discusses the pros and cons of Dermarollers with Erika Stalder for Style Caster.



Crystal Fenton from The Gloss provides us with foolproof tricks for the perfect selfie. Here, Dr. Jegasothy shares how selfie sticks can help you look your best!



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