Razor Envy: Women’s Evolving Relationship with their Gillettes


Movies haven’t exactly portrayed women shaving their faces in the most flattering of lights. Times are changing. Recent articles featured in Time Magazine and Esquire have brought attention to this long-kept skincare secret practiced by the likes of fashion icons/leading ladies Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe.

Sound like yet another one of those crazy, ubiquitous beauty fads that those pesky TV infomercials always tout? Not so! S. Manjula Jegasothy MD already wrote about the anti-aging advantage men have over woman. #DrJegasothy believes men gain many exfoliating benefits when they consistently take care of their 5 o’ clock shadows. This article by PureWow further supports previous scientific studies by correctly identifying why it is worthwhile to jump in on the face shaving bandwagon.

“It gets rid of dead skin cells, which can contribute to clogged pores and a dull complexion.” (PureWow)

An even better practice to add to your skincare regimen is Dermaplaning, which is similar to shaving but uses a scalpel instead of a razor to gently abrade the skin. The scalpel can reach deeper tissue levels, therefore reaping more exfoliation benefits. Ladies, don’t try this at home– Remember, Dermaplaning should always be done with a licensed Paramedical Aesthetician (licensed P.M.A).

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