Prevent a Surgical Neck Lift!

Dysport® can improve many of the facets of neck aging. I inject it into the actual platysmal muscle bands to soften/relax their thickened/contracted appearance. This can reduce or eliminate the “double chin” or “turkey waddle” from a front portrait view… I also inject the product more superficially, into the mid and lower “loose” skin of the neck to improve the dimpling or “chicken-skin” appearance which can occur in this area. This very painless in inexpensive procedure can simulate a “pre-neck lift” in appropriate individuals, without any recovery time or surgical risk. Many of my patients are already taking advantage of my expertise in this procedure. In conjunction with the neck rejuvenation, I often inject along both sides of the jawline, so that the muscles of the lower cheek take charge and lift jawline laxity as well. If you are concerned with sagging of your neck or jawline (especially in your profile photos) or the “double chin” appearance of your central neck, visit us to see if these techniques can help you delay, or even PREVENT a surgical neck lift!

The above does not constitute medical advice. Please see your local physician if you are having any sort of medical problem.

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