Make Your Botox® Last Longer!

Make your Botox® results more consistent & last longer! The toxin needs Zinc to bind to its receptors, so maximize cellular Zinc levels on the day of your treatment by eating oysters, turkey, beef or pork. Avoid Zinc-binding foods such as oatmeal, whole grains and rices, just for that day as well. Consider taking a … Continue reading Make Your Botox® Last Longer!

See What Dr. Jegasothy is Like in Person!

Recently, Dr. Jegasothy was featured on Magda Lopez's iTunes podcast Forever Young on @REVETE. Dr. Jegasothy sends Magda her gratitude, adding  "[Her] command of this medium is amazing, and I am honored and grateful for [her] stellar introduction. I truly try my best every hour of every day, and treat all of my patients as the unique and important … Continue reading See What Dr. Jegasothy is Like in Person!

Suffering from Dark and Puffy Eyes?

If you suffer from dark and puffy eyes there are several options available to help treat those areas. Depending on how dark the area under your eyes is, it can be treated either with a good retinol or growth factor eye cream. We recommend Biopelle Tensage® Contour eye cream (see: If the darkness is more … Continue reading Suffering from Dark and Puffy Eyes?

Prevent a Surgical Neck Lift!

Dysport® can improve many of the facets of neck aging. I inject it into the actual platysmal muscle bands to soften/relax their thickened/contracted appearance. This can reduce or eliminate the "double chin" or "turkey waddle" from a front portrait view... I also inject the product more superficially, into the mid and lower “loose” skin of the … Continue reading Prevent a Surgical Neck Lift!

Do Guys Have it Easier than Ladies?

Guys, do you realize that you have a distinct advantage over the ladies for EXCELLENT anti-aging results with a minimal skin care regimen? It's SHAVING!! Not only does shaving mechanically exfoliate your face, giving it a smoother texture and fresher appearance over the years, but applying a Vitamin C and/or retinol serum IMMEDIATELY afterward will … Continue reading Do Guys Have it Easier than Ladies?