Joel Schlessinger MD shares hygiene tips for airplane passengers


Since Dr. Jegasothy was just traveling she wanted to share some tips for hygiene on airplanes written by her friend and colleague Dr.Joel Schlessinger of Omaha, Nebraska!

Joel Schlessinger MD shares hygiene tips for airplane passengers

Researchers from Auburn University recently conducted a study to test airplane cabins for two common bacteria. What they found wasn’t good news. The researchers recreated the standard conditions of an airplane cabin, painting MRSA and E. coli bacteria on seat pockets, tray tables, armrests, window shades and other surfaces. The study found E. coli survived for four days on an armrest while MSRA remained on a seat pocket for a week.

It’s important to keep your health in mind while flying, Joel Schlessinger MD says.

Joel Schlessinger MD says frequent fliers should avoid touching airplane surfaces unless absolutely necessary.

“I tell all my patients to avoid contact with seats and really ANY surface on an airplane, if possible,” he says. “The quaint thought that there is a cleaning crew that comes in and methodically cleans every plane during layovers and at the end of the day is preposterous. We all know that it never happens.”

Between tight schedules, delays, loading and unloading, flight crews rarely have time to clean every surface before passengers have to board the plane.

“For that reason, I try not to touch anything while I am on a plane that I don’t have to and wash my hands immediately after I am off the plane,” Joel Schlessinger MD says. “Additionally, I bring CLn cleanser with me when I travel as that fights staph and other organisms.”

Joel Schlessinger MD suggests cleansing with CLn products to avoid the spreading of bacteria.

With antibiotic-resistant bacteria growing stronger than ever, it’s important to practice good hygiene to prevent MRSA from spreading. Bleach is a natural antibacterial that eliminates germs and bacteria without the worsening of antibiotic resistance.

“CLn, which contains bleach, is one of the few antibacterial agents that doesn’t lead to the worsening of our antibiotic crisis in America,” Joel Schlessinger MD says.

These cleansers are especially beneficial for athletes and anyone prone to staph infection, eczema, acne or rosacea.

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