Correct that tired/haggard look with Radiesse®!

Men of a certain age can look facially "tired" or "haggard" even though they are thin & athletic. See how Radiesse filler can cause a subtle improvement, a mild natural facelift when done by an expert injector such as Dr. Jegasothy. No one will even know a procedure was done-just that you look rested... Comment below, call … Continue reading Correct that tired/haggard look with Radiesse®!

Coming Soon…Fat Melting Injections!

So exciting! I was a Keynote speaker at Georgia Dermatology Society this weekend. Among the Innovative Cosmetic Procedures I discussed were fat melting injections, available soon at the Miami Skin Institute. Here are some recently released before & after neck photos from the product Kythera ATX 101® website...   The above does not constitute medical advice. Please see your … Continue reading Coming Soon…Fat Melting Injections!

Single Best Skin Treatment – Mild Acid Peels!

What is the single best skin treatment great for all ages & skin types? Frequent mild acid peels 3-4 times yearly! Erase brown spots, close pores, eliminate breakouts and redness! Must be done by a highly knowledgeable & ingredient-trained office. Here's a peek into our peel cabinet to see the vast array of goodies we mix & match … Continue reading Single Best Skin Treatment – Mild Acid Peels!