Dr. Jegasothy’s- What’s in Store Fall 2013!


As many of you know, I am constantly reviewing the medical literature and International/American Cosmetic Dermatology conferences to bring you the most modern skin care products with clinically-proven efficacy and skin penetration studies. These products must pass rigorous testing, both for their ingredients and their formulation. For many months we could not find new products to enhance the ones we already carry. Now, we finally have some great new skin care items, suitable for a wide range of skin types:


 Finally, a great anti-aging eye cream that acts as a light but effective under eye concealer as well! Available now at our office.


 Give your cracked, callused feet AND your pedicurist a break! Apply & wear socks/flip-flops 3 nights a week. Feet are beautiful without constant moisturizing all weekend.


From the makers of  Botox Cosmetic® , an effective new bleaching cream for brown spots, sun damage and melasma. Best non-rx lightening product we’ve carried in a long time.


Another fabulous “dual-action” product! Light-as-air body sunscreen  with a mild bronzing effect. Great for those glamorous outdoor brunches or days on the boat….


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The above does not constitute medical advice. Please see your local physician if you are having any sort of medical problem.

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