Dr. Jegasothy’s- Summer 2013 Is Hot!

Take Zinc tablets before your next Botox Cosmetic® treatment:

It is known that Zinc is a co-factor for botulinum toxin’s binding to its receptor. However, our cellular levels of Zinc can vary widely on a daily basis based on our diet. There are some recent studies showing that patients who take Zinc 50mg a day for 4 days before and on the day of their Botox Cosmetic® /Dysport ®/ Xeomin® injections experience speedier onset of action and up to a 20% increase in the longevity of the treatment (i.e. the results can last up to a month longer!) Take Zinc 50mg a day for 4 days before and on the day of your next injection appointment. Some foods that are high in zinc include turkey and oysters and can also be consumed on treatment day for those effects. Foods that absorb dietary zinc and should be avoided before your next Botox  cosmetic® treatment are cereals, lentils & beans and peanut butter. Be careful though-taking excess Zinc daily can cause nausea and other unpleasant gastro-intestinal side effects, so we suggest this regimen only for the week of your injection session.

  Platelet-Rich-Plasma is the future of neck, chest and hand rejuvenation.
  We are getting fabulous results, lasting up to 6 months, in tightening and wrinkle reduction of the neck, chest and hands. Previously, there was not an effective way to improve skin laxity in these difficult-to-treat areas. The procedure is easy-we draw a normal-sized tube of blood from your arm and spin it down to isolate the growth-factor-rich platelets in an FDA-approved reagent kit. We then re-suspend your growth factors in your plasma and inject into the desired areas. Just as PRP injections are revolutionizing the treatment of several conditions in orthopedics, they are revitalizing the treatment arsenal for Cosmetic Dermatologists as well!
The above does not constitute medical advice. Please see your local physician if you are having any sort of medical problem.

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