Top 5 Cosmetic Dermatology Procedures to Consider Doing Now So You Can Look Great for the Holiday Season:


  1. Cryotherapy (cold liquid nitrogen spray) to erase brown/tan “age” growths on the face or body. The procedure involves a 5-7 day recovery time, during which one may have a thin scaly crust over the growths, before they fall off. 70% of them can be covered with concealer, but I do not advocate planning the procedure right before an important event, such as a wedding. See below for typical results on the hands: cryo
  2. Sculptra® injections, to improve moderate facial volume loss, treat deep wrinkles, or lift a sagging mid- or lower face, takes approximately 3 months to show full results, since it stimulates collagen production in the skin. If you want your results to be impressive for those holiday photos, get your Sculptra® injections now! For more information and a great patient video, go to
  3. IPL (stands for “Intense Pulsed Light”), also called thePhotoFacial, is a combination of laser treatments in the red and brown light spectrum, to treat both the redness, broken capillaries and brown spots associated with recent and long-term sun damage. I often advocate doing this laser treatment at the end of the summer, to “clean up” all of the sun exposure “mis-steps” which occurred during the past season. ☺ipl
  4. Sclerotherapy (leg vein injections), so your legs can look pretty in those holiday cocktail dresses, involves a 2 week bruising period, solely in the area of the treated veins. Therefore, think about treating those leg veins in September, so that your legs look great by late October.
  5.  Consider doing a deeper chemical peel than usual this month. If you get some mild scale or crust, you can recover more easily now, before your fall social schedule gets into full swing. A deeper chemical peel is ideal for younger skin, to erase the summer sun “mistakes” of 2012. bionet peels

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The above does not constitute medical advice. Please see your local physician if you are having any sort of medical problem.

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