Skin Maintenance with Light Chemical Peels-My Personal Best Beauty Secret

Hello, my friends!

I hope that the new year 2012 is treating you well. As the spring fashions promote bright, rosy and jewel-tone colors, so should our skin be bright, rosy and frankly, GLOWING, to match the optimism of the new year and the season.

No matter how old you are, the easiest way to make your skin GLOW is with a quick, easy and low-recovery chemical peel at my office. I personally customize your peel, choosing among 50 ingredients, so that we address all of your skin issues with each treatment.  You will experience only mild-to-moderate redness for less than 24 hours, and your results will continue to improve over 2-3 weeks. Rarely do my patients actually visually “peel,” but instead shed “dead” outer skin cell layers in microscopic amounts, so that the newer, “fresh” skin cells underneath are revealed and cause the complexion to GLOW…

Unfortunately, as we get older, we self-exfoliate our outer dead skin layer less efficiently, so that our skin texture becomes even more dull.  Hence the need for more frequent chemical peels in our 40’s and 50’s.

Chemical Peels improve enlarged pores, “blotchy” redness, acne, brown sunspots, fine lines (and hyper pigmentation, seen mostly in darker skin types). If you have clogged pores (blackheads or whiteheads), our peels bring that debris close to the skin surface so that we can clean and extract those pores, without pain and inflammation.

If you want to know My “personal best” skin secret-it has been monthly chemical peels since I was 26 years old… You do not have to come in that frequently; I will set up a regimen to best suit your skin issues and lifestyle. Please ASK US about chemical peels at your next visit-they are the most value for your dollar at my practice!


Pre-Peel Melasma Cheeks

Melasma Cheeks After 3 Monthly Miami® (Salicylic Acid) Peels 
Pre-Peel Sun Damage Lower Face
Sun Damage Lower Face After 4 Monthly Glycolic/Resourcinol/Hydroquinone (Glycoblend®) Peels

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