We love Perle® at the Miami Skin Institute!

Many of us with brown spots from the sun, scars, or even pimples know how stubborn they can be. Frequently, prolonged treatment with hydroquinone-containing bleaching cream (TriLuma®, Lustra®, or EpiQuin Micro®) is necessary, and we see that their effectiveness diminishes over time. In addition, hydroquinone itself is an extremely unstable chemical, and even minimal exposure to oxygen (i.e., if a tube is not tightly-capped) can cause the product to become less effective.

Neocutis® has developed a new hydroquinone-free bleaching cream called Perle®, which is a “breath of fresh air” for those of us “immune” to our old prescription bleaching creams. It contains only herbal bleaching agents, but unlike other bleaching creams with similar active ingredients, its clinical studies show a much higher rate of brown spot resolution than other hydroquinone-free products. It is currently sold only in physician offices, with pricing universally less than Triluma® or Lustra®. Since I am dark-skinned, I am constantly battling brown spots, and have been very impressed with my personal results using Perle®, just once a day on my brown spots. Even better news-since Perle®  contains only non-prescription botanical agents, it is safe to use even during pregnancy, when brown spots notoriously worsen and prescriptions are prohibited!

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